How to participate

Summer school, Virtual Reality European meetings, will take place at ESTIA, the Engineering Institute of Advanced Industrial Technologies, in Bidart in the South West of France, on 25th – 29th August, 2014. Summer school is open to PhD, just like Master students, post-doctoral researchers, and academic or industrial researchers. Industrial leaders who want to propose an European project related to summer school topics are also welcome.

The summer school fee is 350 €, including lunch and coffee/tea breaks, all classes and workshops. The fee includes an accommodation in a bungalow inside a campground close to ESTIA. We can provide you with a list of other accommodation if you wish to book something on your own.

Registration is available on

Registrations are closed since 30th June, 2014. Each registration is now on a waiting list.

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PhD students will get recognized credits (CFU).

Any presentation, academic or industrial, requires to preliminary send, via an email to, the title of researches, an abstract and a one-page description.

Any proposal of workshop is to be sent to the organizers.

We hope to see you at the summer school.

Address of the VRSS

Virtual Reality Summer School

Ecole d'ingénieurs ESTIA 
Technopole Izarbel 
64210 BIDART.
Tél : (+33) 559 438 400


Address for housing

PhD and Master Students will be housed at

383 Rue Maurice Pierre – 64210 BIDART

Tel : +33 (0)5 59 26 54 71

GPS Latitude : 43.4279595    Longitude : -1.5978144000000611

Access to ESTIA 2

The Technological and scientific campus ESTIA is located in the science park IZARBEL in the of the Basque Coast (Bidart), close to Biarritz and enjoying multiple access facilities:


By train:

  • TGV from Biarritz to 5 minutes.
  • TGV from Bayonne to a quarter of an hour.

By highway:

  • From Bordeaux: A63, exit highway n°4: Biarritz Parme at 2 minutes.
  • From Toulouse to Bayonne A64 and A63 highway (direction Spain), exit n°4: Biarritz Parme at 2 minutes.

By N10:

  • Paris - Spain: Follow Bayonne - Biarritz - Bidart - Spain until the roundabout entrance to the A63 highway (Estia School at 2 minutes).

By bus:

  • The science park Izarbel, and thus the Estia Chronoplus is served by the transport network of the Adour urban Basque Coast.

    Line C: from Saint Pierre Irube, Bayonne or Anglet

    The route of the line C: Saint-Pierre d'Irube - town hall of Bayonne (correspondence) - Giant Casino (N10) - Anglet town hall - Airport - Gare de Biarritz (correspondence) - Bidart Izarbel.
    All judgments of line C on the website : 


The CAMPING HARROBIAis located at 400 m from the ocean and the beautiful beach Uhabia, it is accessible by Bus line A1 at Uhabia stop.

From the CAMPING HARROBIA (Uhabia stop) to ESTIA (Izarbel stop)

  1. Walk from the comping to Uhabia stop (approx. 2mn).
  2. Take the bus A1 (direction Bayonne Navarre) at Uhabia stop to the correspondance Biarritz Gare stop (approx. 20 mn).
  3. Take the bus C (direction Izarbel) from Biarritz Gare stop to Izarbel stop which is just in front of estia (approx. 5mn).

From ESTIA (Izarbel stop) to the CAMPING HARROBIA (Uhabia stop)

  1. Take the bus C (direction Saint Pierre d'Irrub) in front of ESTIA from Izarbel stop to Biarritz Gare coorepondance stop (approx. 5mn)
  2. Take the bus A1 (direction Uhabia) at Biarritz Gare stop to Uhabia stop at (approx. 20mn).
  3. Walk from Uhabia stop to the camping (approx. 2mn).

For more information please refer to the web site of Chronoplus


The Motel MIL is located at 300 m of the beautiful beach Uhabia the Bidart village center, it is accessible by Bus line 12.

From the MOTEL MIL (Chiripa stop) to ESTIA (Izarbel stop)

  1. Walk from the MOTEL MIL to Chiripa stop (approx. 2mn).
  2. Take the bus 12 (direction Biarritz Gare) at Chiripa stop to the correspondance Antoine d'Abbadie stop (approx. 16 mn).
  3. Take the bus C (direction Izarbel) from Antoine d'Abbadie stop to Izarbel stop which is just in front of estia (approx. 5mn).

From ESTIA (Izarbel stop) to the MOTEL MIL (Chiripa stop)

  1. Take the bus C (direction Saint Pierre d'Irrub) in front of ESTIA from Izarbel stop to Antoine d'Abbadie coorepondance stop (approx. 5mn)
  2. Take the bus 12 (direction Bidart Mairie) at Antoine d'Abbadie stop to Chiripa stop at (approx. 16 mn).
  3. Walk from Chiripa stop to the MOTEL MIL (approx. 2mn).

For more information please refer to the web site of Chronoplus :

Other Options :

Take the bus 12 (direction direction Biarritz Gare) at Chiripa stop to Antoine d'Abbadie stop (approx. 16 mn) and after walk to ESTIA (approx. 13mn).


VirtualReality Summer School financially and scientifically supported by :

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